From Pavement to Trail: the Benefits of a Jeep

So you're thinking of getting yourself behind the wheel of a new or used Jeep SUV but maybe you're still not quite sold. What makes Jeep better than any other brand? Well, friends, it boils down to one word: versatility. However, we know you need more than one word to truly understand the excellence that the Jeep lineup offers.

First and foremost, the Jeep brand has become somewhat synonymous with off-roading enthusiasts. But why? Well, there are a lot of reasons. Take, for example, the Jeep Wrangler; a small size and short wheelbase means you'll be able to thread between tight trees and won't get hung up on rocks as easily, it's light weight so you can get the most out of the engine's power, the interior is designed to be easily hosed out after messier outings, and can seat four comfortably so you can bring all your friends along!

If you're a little more interested in how a Jeep model handles on the road than on the trails, then the Jeep Cherokee is right up your alley. Styled gorgeously, lots of interior space, tons of modern features, and capable of hitting an EPA-estimated 31 miles per gallon on the highway, it's simply fantastic. It's more than capable of taking the roads less travelled as well, so you can still get out to the mountain with your friends when you feel the call of the wild.

But, really, driving a Jeep vehicle is just plain fun. We here at AutoNation Chrysler Jeep West would love nothing more than for you to come out to our Golden, CO location and take a test drive in any of the models that appeal to you. One cruise in the driver's seat of your choice and you'll see first-hand just what makes them so incredible.

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